| Your FilterED™ Results

The foundation for all FilterED results is based on a quick visual understanding of strengths and challenges before diving further into each element. At-a-Glance results from your inventory are displayed by filling each circle to visually see the organizational capacity for these six elements in your organization’s ecosystem.

| Taking a Closer Look

Each element contains six subcategories that roll up to calculate your overall capacity. These subcategories are the impact mechanisms that further identify and align leading standards with the FilterED inventory. In the example to the right, you see the six subcategories representing Leadership & Vision which provide a richer context for understanding the dynamics at play in your organization.

In addition to a comprehensive score, FilterED shows users the organization’s subcategory breakdown, as illustrated in the aster plot graphic. This subcategory breakdown allows you to visualize which specific factors have the greatest impact on your capacity and your learners. FilterED provides an at-a-glance opportunity to highlight your strengths and identify areas for focus. At an organizational level, the example to the right illustrates that Strategy is the most mature component of your Leadership & Vision, while Relationships and Digital Culture shows the greatest opportunity for growth.  

Leadership & Vision

| Individualized Reporting and Custom Dashboard

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FilterED offers a number of engaging, actionable reports that showcase the data visually. These highly visual reporting components of FilterED provide incredibly rich and comprehensive feedback about your organization as well as specific actionable recommendations. FilterED reports include talking points and discussion prompts to ensure the use of common language while talking with multiple stakeholders. Reports include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Top Strengths
  • Key Challenges
  • Stakeholder comparison
  • School comparison
  • Calls to Action
  • Growth and longitudinal data
  • Frameworks correlation

FilterED’s custom dashboard provides on-demand real-time access to reporting. Leaders can select roles, campuses, elements, subject areas, and standards of interest to create customized reports that best fit their needs. FilterED allows leaders to pull and compare data at a granular level. This unique feature allows users to focus on the issues of greatest importance and relevance. The data itself may be analyzed and displayed to meet the needs of the audience being address, and you can create your own views of information based on your individual goals and interests.

The FilterED dashboard gives you the freedom to retake the inventory as frequently as you desire to benchmark your progress. You can compare and track your results over time to demonstrate your organization’s growth and maturity. As we look at our technology adoptions and implementations, we often ask, “What’s the return on learning?” With FilterED’s on-demand access to key insights into your organization’s data, you will be able to easily answer this question for all stakeholders.

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