| Introducing the Technology Adoption & Implementation Model


The Technology Adoption & Implementation Model (TAIM™) provides a standards-aligned framework designed to help schools immediately identify current capacity in six foundational elements based on stakeholder feedback. These capacity levels lead the way for prioritizing action and resources.

FilterED is the first comprehensive assessment inventory to help educators gather data, evaluate effects and chart a course towards improved outcomes. FilterED allows education heads to gather stakeholder input from key constituents, and quickly identify obstacles limiting the impact of applied learning technologies.

| The Elements of TAIM™ 

Leadership & VisionDoes a shared technology vision exist that fosters working collaboratively toward creating and meeting aligned goals across the organization?

Resources: Is your organization properly meeting today’s demands while adequately preparing for future needs?

Technology Infrastructure: How effectively are components being integrated to create your organization’s technology backbone?

Practice & Implementation: How can leadership elevate effective practices, improve digital culture and drive the use of data to attain greater success with current and future technology implementations?

Instruction & Learning: What moving parts are being scaled across the organization to better contribute toward impactful teaching and learning using digital tools?

Learner Impact: Most importantly, are students positively benefiting from using technology originally envisioned by the leadership? Why or why not?


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