| How Does FilterED™ Work?

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FilterED offers critical data in a highly visual format that K-12 leadership rely on to drive the following types of engagements:

  • Strategic and technology planning
  • School board updates
  • ESSA needs assessment
  • Evidence for promoting a referendum/bond
  • Long-term professional learning development
  • Measure and monitor tech implementations

FilterED is aligned to various, reputable frameworks that K12 organizations rely on to integrate best practices and standards across the six key elements. This correlation ensures that the information FilterED gathers provides the breadth alignment to properly incorporate adopted frameworks driving change and movement in your organization.

| How Does FilterED™ Get the Right Data?

This adaptive online inventory is completed anonymously by staff who respond to key statements pertaining to leadership, digital culture, technology support and everyday technology use within the organization. FilterED identifies strengths and perceived gaps/conflicts that keep an organization from being its best self. It helps answer the question, “What is the return on learning?” when it comes to technology adoptions and impactful implementations for our students and teachers.

| Semantic Distance
FilterED uses word pairs and the research-based concept of “semantic distance” to create non-threatening measures of the current state of technology in a district. Participants move the sliders on the scale towards the adjective that most accurately represents your school’s conditions.

| Not Pejorative
Answers are neither good nor bad; it’s meant to help you see where you are today and the clearest and least resistant path towards improvement for the success of your technology implementations.

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